Everything you need to know about Stud Wagyu Auction

Who Are We

Welcome to the Stud Wagyu Auction, a place where you can regularly bid on the best genetics available for building your herd and Wagyu investment. Periodically throughout the year we will offer several types of auctions on this internet portal.

What Is Our Mission?

On Studwagyuauction.com , both current breeders as well as new breeders to the Wagyu breed can purchase with confidence.

Consigners can likewise do the same as the facilitation of these genetics from Breeder to buyer can be done in an easy auction format where both parties incur minimal costs.

The mission is too offer both security in the purchasing process of genetics that can be intimidating to new Wagyu owners as well as giving breeders, well established in both genetic knowledge and customer base the opportunity to grow both of those with ease and minimal expense.

If we are successful, we should only help to grow the Wagyu breeds popularity and bring many more Wagyu enthusiasts to the game.

Who Runs The Organization?

When transacting on Studwagyuauction.com, whether purchasing or selling one should feel confident their best interests are front and center. Both by the degree of detail we present as well as our availability to share any Wagyu knowledge we have learned over the years, much of which came at great expense and at times difficulty.

What Do We Stand For?

We stand for an organization that truly does its best to offer the best available to buyers from the best available the sellers of the breed have to offer. We try to do this at a level of cost that respects the hard work ( in both time and money) the breeders have put into their products.

Where Are We Heading?

So we hope you enjoy Studwagyuauction.com and the opportunity it offers you to acquire the genetics you will need to build a phenomenal Wagyu herd and the opportunities that come with it.

We encourage our buyers to reach out directly to the breeders who you have purchased from. Wagyu breeders are a special group, they are very passionate for their breed and will willingly discuss their knowledge of the breeds genetics. You will find although it is a breed about monetization it is a unique breed and the merit it brings to improving all Cattle is one of a kind !

Let’s all spread the WAGYU WORD!

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